The Data behind the DACH SAP SCM Job Market

At Uniting Enterprise, we leverage insights through data sourced from our candidate placements and deep-rooted SAP network alongside advanced recruitment platforms like Xing and Linkedin to understand key trends across the DACH SAP SCM job market. This aids us with a unique vision of the market to support our candidates and clients in their hiring requirements or job search.


Our latest findings uncovered three hidden gem locations with the fastest growth in number of SCM professionals:



Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region

Greater Nuremberg Metropolitan area

Greater Nuremberg Metropolitan Area

Greater Munich Metropolitan Region

Hannover-Braunschweig-Gottingen-Wolfsburg Region 

Cologne Bonn Region

These competitive areas see fast growth in the number of SAP specialists attracted to the opportunities offered in the area. Munich continued saw large growth as a significant tech hub for Germany. Cologne Bonn Region saw large growth in both professionals and in hiring demand with significant growth in the number of job adverts posted throughout 2022.

Tenure & Market Liquidity

 23% of the market moved roles in the last 12 months, impacting tenure significantly. The average SAP SCM specialists’ median tenure in 2021 was 2.6 years, in 2022 this fell to 2.3 years. A growing number of opportunities, candidates seeking benefits other than of a compensation increase and professionals making the switch from working inhouse to working for a consultancy have been the biggest drivers of job changes over the year.

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